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Reebelo Buyback

한국's leading brands for sustainable tech. Combined in one platform.

Excellent 4.7 out of 5

Based in 한국

We are on a mission to make 2nd hand the new cool in 한국!


Secure & Trustworthy

We partner with 한국's most trusted buyback companies.


100% Transparent

Our caring customer service will answer all your questions.


200,000+ Climate Reebels

More than 200,000 happy customers are saving the planet with us.

Want to sell your old business phones or notebooks

Sell or trade-in your company's devices with Reebelo. We'll get you the best price & make sure they have a great second life.


Sell your Phone in 한국

Sell your used or as new phone with Reebelo across 한국. Whether you are based in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, or Canberra, you can easily sell your phones with Reebelo.

Get the best price

Reebelo works together with several 한국 based buyback providers. We compare buyback prices between them and ensure that you get the highest buyback price offered in 한국 for your phone across our partners.

We accept Phone in any condition

Our mission is to reduce e-waste by giving your device a second life. You can still sell your phone with Reebelo even if the condition is not ideal. We take it in any condition, even if your phone has a cracked screen, a swollen battery, or no charger. Sell your phone with Reebelo today!

Buyback & Trade-In

In addition to selling your used phone or as new phone, you can also trade in used phones when buying a refurbished phone at Reebelo 한국. After submitting your form above, simply let our operations team know that you want to trade in. Upgrade your phone today!

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